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Aerolite Meteorites- Adventures in the World of Meteorites
AJmeteorites- nice & easy meteorite shopping site
Arizona Skies Meteorites- quality meteorites for sale
Asteroid Chippings - sharing meteorite fascination
Astronomical Research Network- meteorite sales and information
Big John Meteorites- meteorite sales
Big Kahuna Meteorites- specializing in quality, rare meteorites
Carion Minerals- mineral and meteorite sales
Catchafallingstar- great catalog and gallery
Classification Handbook (draft)- Drs. T. Bunch & J. Wittke (NAU)
eegooblago meteorites- major importer and classifier of meteorites
ELKK Meteorites- nice selection of meteorites
Galactic Stone and Ironworks- specializing in micromounts
Haberer-Meteorites- a comprehensive website
Hanno Strufe Meteorite Homepage- catalog and show photos
Historic Meteorites- most specimens with museum provenance
Impactika- extensive choice with provenance
Jensen Meteorites- largest collections list, sales
KD Meteorites- stabilization/restoration service, sales
Lunar Meteorite Compendium- compiled by Kevin Righter
Lunar Meteorites- comprehensive site from Washington U.
MARE Meteoritics- meteorites for sale
Marmet-Meteorites- collection and show photos
Mars Meteorite Compendium- compiled by Charles Meyer
Mars Meteorites- site dedicated to meteorites from Mars
Martian Meteorites- Dr. A. Irving (University of Washington)
MeteoriteFinder.com- report of Glorietta Mtn. main mass find
Meteorite.fr-Bruno & Carine's informative site with rarities
Meteorite Junction- a global community forum
Meteoritelabels.com- museum quality display labels
Meteorite Market- broad sales list
Meteorite Picture of the Day- daily guest photos and information
Meteorite Recon- hunting, sales, prints, gallery
MeteoritesAustralia- a most informative website!
Meteorite Shop and Museum- Stephan and Gabby Decker's unique venture
Meteoriteshow- catalog and educational site
Meteorites Sahara-Nayzak- great Saharan connection
MeteoriteTimes.com- free on-line meteorite magazine
Meteorites.tv- rare specimens for sale
Meteoritica- recent falls and others from NWA
Meteoritical Bulletin- new listings by the NomCom of MetSoc
Meteoritical Bulletin Database- search the entire meteorite database
Meteoritics & Planetary Science- the Meteoritical Society Journal
Michael Blood Meteorites- catalog, articles, & merchandise
Michael Farmer Meteorites- sales, collection, adventures
Midwest Meteorites- nice catalog
Mile High Meteorites- catalog and collection images
mo's meteorites- rare specimens of the highest quality
Mr. Meteorite- Ruben Garcia's page with new pallasites and more
MSG-Meteorites- UK based site with collection, sales, and more
MuonionalustaMeteorites.com - Muonionalusta meteorite photo tour
Nakhla Dog Meteorites- meteorites and related items
Nature Source- meteorite catalog
Nature's Vault- Greg Hupé's site for sales, expeditions, etc.
New England Meteoritical Services- a basic educational site
Norbert Classen Planetary Meteorites- up-to-date lists with photos
Peekskill Meteorite Videos- a comprehensive album
Philip Burns' Meteorite Stamps- meteorite stamp collection
Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD)- educational outreach
Planetary Studies Foundation- recovery, research, education; James DuPont Collection
Planetbrey Meteorites- meteorite sales
PolandMET- extensive sales catalog
R. A. Langheinrich Meteorites- catalog & excellent gallery
Robert A. Haag Meteorites- photos of The Haag Collection
Rus Meteorites- nicely prepared meteorites & jewelry
Sahara Gems- meteorites, minerals, desert glass, & more
Schoolers- large inventory including quality meteorites
Solar Anamnesis- thin section photomicrography w/ GigaPan
Science Mall-USA- teaching materials, meteorite posters, & more
SkyFall Meteorites- meteorite sales, client services, educational materials, & more
Southwest Meteorite Lab- meteorites & more
SR-Meteorites- collection and sales
SV-meteorites- many rarities
Sylvia & Erich's Meteorites- low-priced catalog; complete sets
tektites.co.uk- excellent guide, largest tektite pics
The Macovich Collection- museum quality specimens for sale
The Meteorite Exchange- gallery, dealer-list, classifieds, more
The Meteorite Market- the web's first meteorite catalog
The Meteorite Thin Section Gallery- Jeff Hodges' comprehensive thin section collection
The Tektite Source- comprehensive site dedicated to tektites
Tom Phillips Microscopic Meteorite Gallery- a must see
Utas Collection of Meteorites- collection, sales, expeditions
WWMeteorites- Fabien and Marie's world wide expeditions and ebay sales

Acapela group- select a language to hear a pronunciation
Global Impact- great illustration of a global impact
How Big is the Solar System?- interactive trip
If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel- scroll 1½ football fields
Oral history interview with H.H. Nininger, 28 Jan 1976- Great!
Science Magazine- weekly AAAS magazine
∗ Meteorite Studies website mentioned in vol. 287, 4 Feb 2000
   and vol. 303, 13 Feb 2004

The Art Of Collecting Meteorites- Kevin Kichinka's must-read book
The Scale of the Universe 2- planets and stars comparisons
The Size of Our World- interactive trip
Asteroid Families- 3-D interactive map

SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System- use text references to access the primary publications

World of Meteorites from A to Z- an informative poster (if I do say so myself)

My thanks to the many dedicated investigators whose ongoing research provides the basis for this website. Some of the sources utilized for this website are not peer-reviewed.

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