standby for nwa 7891 photo
Purchased 2012
no coordinates recorded

A single stone weighing 168 g was purchased by A. Habibi in Morocco in 2012. Initial analysis and classification was conducted at University of New Mexico (C. Agee and K. Ziegler, UNM), and NWA 7891 was determined to be an anomalous member of the CV3 chondrite group. The meteorite was subsequently sold to R. Garcia who then sold some specimens to collectors.

This meteorite was classified as anomalous due to its high variability in oxygen isotope values and its low mean Fe/Mn value for olivine. The O-isotopic values plot on the CCAM line along an extension of the CV and CK trends (see diagram below).

standby for nwa 7891 oxygen diagram
Diagram from Meteoritical Bulletin Database (direct link)

Further studies are needed to better resolve any genetic relationships that might exist between NWA 7891, and other anomalous and ungrouped meteorites, and the CV parent body. The specimen shown above is a small part slice weighing 0.29 g. The photo below shows the interior surface and weathered exterior of a 3.3 g end section, shown courtesy of R. Garcia.

standby for nwa 1152 interior-exterior photo
Photos courtesy of Ruben Garcia