Achondrite, ungrouped

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Purchased in 2011
no coordinates recorded

Numerous small fragments mostly devoid of fusion crust, having a combined weight of 220 g, were found in Algeria and subsequently purchased by G. Fujihara in January 2011 from a Moroccan dealer in Zagora. These fragments are likely part of the same mass that was subsequently designated NWA 6704, comprised of numerous conjoint fragments weighing together 8,387 g, which were purchased during this time by G. Hupé. An additional 5,100 g of fragments were acquired in March 2011 by E. Thompson and designated NWA 6693. Samples of both NWA 6926 and NWA 6704 were submitted for analysis and classification to the University of Washington in Seattle (A. Irving and S. Kuehner), while a portion of NWA 6693 was submitted to the University of California in Los Angeles (P. Warren et al.). It was determined that the pairing group NWA 6704/6926/6693 represents an igneous cumulate having an origin on a large differentiated parent body distinct from all others known to date. Further details about this meteorite are presented on the NWA 6704 page. The specimen of NWA 6926 shown above is a 1.88 g polished endcut.