L7, vesicular
(possible L-melt rock)
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Purchased March 2019
no coordinates recorded

A single 73.2 g stone lacking fusion crust was found and subsequently purchased by F. Kuntz in Zagora, Morocco. A sample was sent to CEREGE (European Centre for Research and Teaching in Environmental Geosciences) for analysis and classification (J. Gattacceca), and NWA 12961 was determined to be a highly recrystallized L chondrite.

The meteorite contains metal blebs and troilite with extensive vesiculation and has experienced a low degree of terrestrial weathering (W1). It is considered that NWA 12961 is probably paired with the 40 g NWA 11253, which was previously classified as an L-melt rock by A. Irving and S. Kuehner (UWS) and described as having an annealed microgabbroic texture with vesicles, triple junctions, and very sparse metal (<0.2 vol%). A brief synopsis of the history pertaining to the adoption of the type 7 petrologic subtype can be found on the Dhofar 011 (LL7) page. The specimen of NWA 12961 shown above is a 0.85 g part slice showing abundant vesicles.