standby for nwa 12416 photo
Purchased July 2018
no coordinates recorded

Numerous friable, fusion crusted stones having a combined weight of 875 g were purchased from a Moroccan source by several meteorite dealers. Samples were sent for analysis and classification to the University of Washington in Seattle (A. Irving and S. Kuehner) and Arizona State University (L. Garvie), and it was determined that NWA 12416 is an ungrouped carbonaceous chondrite of petrologic type 3.

The meteorite has a relatively high abundance (~50%) of fine-grained matrix containing small chondrules, mineral fragments, and AOAs. In addition, minor kamacite and pentlandite are present, but no CAIs or phyllosilicates were observed. The oxygen isotope composition of NWA 12416 was obtained by laser fluorination at the University of New Mexico (K. Ziegler), and the meteorite has a unique oxygen three-isotope plot distinct from that of the CV, CK, and CM groups. The specimen of NWA 12416 shown above and below is a small 0.85 g fragment acquired from Mark Lyon.

standby for nwa 12416 photo