standby for lost creek photo
Found 1916
39° 07' 27" N., 98° 10' 04" W.

A single 4,018 g meteorite was found by a farmer while walking the perimeter of his farm, in Lincoln County, Kansas. It remained with the finder's family and was subsequently inherited by his son. After being purchased by an American meteorite dealer in December 2001, it was analyzed at UCLA by Dr. Alan Rubin and classified as an H3.8 chondrite. Lost Creek is a remarkably well-preserved meteorite for its relatively high weathering grade of W3. Its gray-colored matrix and numerous well-defined chondrules are peppered with FeNi-metal grains. Lost Creek has a shock stage of S2. The specimen of Lost Creek shown in the photos above and below is a 5.1 g partial slice.

standby for lost creek photo