standby for dhofar 1275 photo
Found February 6, 2003
18° 49.71' N., 54° 38.37' E.

A single 499 g stone was found in Oman. Analysis and classification was conducted at Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russia (M. Ivanova) and Dhofar 1275 was determined to be an L chondrite that has been extensively metamorphosed to the point of recrystallization, and therefore has been assigned a petrologic type 7. This meteorite is very weakly shocked (S2) and has experienced complete oxidation of metal and troilite (W4) during its residence on Earth.

Dhofar 1275 is a rare subtype among the L chondrite group. A brief synopsis of the history pertaining to the adoption of the type 7 petrologic subtype can be seen on the Dhofar 011 (LL7) page. The specimen of Dhofar 1275 shown above is a 0.60 g fragment cut from the fusion-crusted edge.