Pallasite, PMG (main-group)
standby for albin photo
Found 1915
41° 30' N., 104° 6' W.

A mass of 83 pounds was found 5 miles north of Albin, Wyoming, but was not recognized as a meteorite until 1935. Several additional masses have been found in recent years.

The olivine crystals in this pallasite are very clear and up to 37 mm across, although the 20.9 g partial slice pictured above contains much smaller crystals. Cosmic-ray exposure ages for main-group pallasites have been determined based on 36Ar–36Cl in metal (Cook et al., 2010), and record a wide range of ages from ~5 to ~153 m.y., while defining two possible age clusters separated at ~45–85 m.y. Several of the studied main-group pallasites have CRE ages which overlap at 106–122 m.y. (Huber et al., 2011). A calculation for Albin based on 21Ne in olivine gives such a CRE age of 110 m.y. The proposed formation history of the main-group pallasites can be found on the Imilac page.